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"I am a realistic, narrative illustrator, which plainly stated means that I tell stories with pictures. I have painted covers for nearly every major publisher. I have paintings in the permanent collection of the USAF Art Collection, NASA, The Museum of American Illustration, and have created well over 2000 stamps for some 40 separate nations. I have illustrated more than a dozen children's books, and have painted the portraits of Royals, Political Leaders, and celebrated individuals from Nobel Laureates to film stars. I take pride in covering everything from the Pope to Popeye. Everything under the sun and beyond has a fascinating story that I love to tell with images."

For two decades Joel Iskowitz has created artwork that has graced the covers of books, periodicals, journals and postage stamps worldwide. He is also an active Air Force artist, having documented missions from Cape Canaveral to commemorative ceremonies in India, China and Japan. He has a number of oils in the USAF permanent collection, including a major piece that hangs in the distinguished visitor's lounge at Andrews AFB. Mr. Iskowitz has been invited twice to document Space Shuttle missions and his artwork is on permanent display at the NASA Kennedy Space Center Museum. Mr. Iskowitz's artwork has been featured in many international journals, private and public collections including the permanent collections of NASA and the US Air Force Art Program. Author Tom Wolfe has called the artwork of Joel Iskowitz "a fabulous and wonderful accomplishment."

The National Endowment for the Arts has selected Joel Iskowitz to be awarded the designation of Master Designer to join the United States Mint's Artistic Infusion Program which creates our nations' coins and medals.



"From concept to completion my experience with Joel has been both enjoyable and professional. His technical skills were only matched by his ability to intuit my needs not only quickly but with surgical accuracy. Working with this designer, artist, and craftsman has been my absolute pleasure."

Daniel Trush, Senior Art Director
Pearson Learning


"Traveling with the Air Force and documenting various missions has literally taken me around the world, and afforded me a unique and exciting experience as a narrative illustrator. To be able to witness history first hand, in a direct and participatory way, brings a heightened level of intensity and awareness to my art. I am certain this translates the experience to the viewer in a personal and effective way which photography or film rarely achieve. I am especially honored that these paintings became part of the permanent record in the Air Force Art Collection, and in a very real sense are a part of that history."

Joel Iskowitz



Dear Joel,

I was delighted to hear that a reproduction of your Berlin Airlift Mural will be available for display at the Society of Illustrators Exhibition in September and that the original will be ready for presentation to the Secretary of the Air Force in Washington, this October.

To think, it was just a few months ago that I was contacted by the USAF Art Program, Pentagon, to approach you regarding this project. That special request was a result of the quality of your past works and especially the WWII China, India, Burma painting that generated substantial interest and enthusiasm within the Air Force Leadership.

Your willingness to put aside income-generating work and to donate the time and effort required for this project is commendable. While I am sure that compensation for a similar project from a major corporation would be valued in six figures, I can only offer my sincere thanks for your continuing donations and support of the US Air Force Art Program.

Yours truly,

John Witt
President 1980-83
SI/USAFAP Chairman


Illustration by Joel Iskowitz c2003


Illustration by Joel Iskowitz c2003


Illustration by Joel Iskowitz c2003


Illustration by Joel Iskowitz c2003